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Second Love Second Love

Rated 4 / 5 stars

perfect movie for flash.

this is a great example of the type of flash movies people should be submitting to the portal. flash was the perfect medium for this movie. all of the elements work very well. there were some impressive camera moves. the story was simple, but you told it so well. the animation felt a bit too loose in some areas (e.g. the doll underwater) but that's just me being picky. also, you definitely know how to use gradients in a visually pleasing manner. awesome job overall.

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The Bahhhhble P.2 The Bahhhhble P.2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

beautiful animation

+ the animation was very nice, very smooth. top notch.

+ i loved the silhouetted army. nice touch.

* great ending with the llama. left me wanting more.

* i liked the text additions during the movie. spunked up the movie's personality.

- the goat run cycle felt a lil bit over used. it would've been cool if he did something else when he got hit with the objects other than just being mr. steel and taking 'em like they're nothing.

- i'm not sure if the intro text is really necessary. it's funny but kinda slows down the pace of the movie.

overall: i was impressed with the animation. you also brought a good, funny twist to the usual good vs evil battle; a goat and llamas. who can hate a fight between a goat and llamas??

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ungr8fulgoobah responds:

i was actually contemplating whether or not he should do all this dodging action to avoid the attacks... but he's supposed to be immortal/invulnerable so I thought to myself "hmmm well what would I do if i were invincible like that"... and yea. but thanks for the tip

Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02 Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02

Rated 4 / 5 stars

don't be afraid to take risks.

lemme get my suggestions in first before my good stuff.

- all or almost all of the shots in the movie had no perspective; they were either top, front, back, or side. working in flash, it's not the easiest thing to animate in perspective, but you gotta have at least some shots in perspective to make it more dynamic.

- i think the next step for you is to really focus on composition in the next episode. for example, in episode 2, an up shot of slash would've made his entrance a lot more dramatic. once again, it's all going back to perspective.

- in your profile, it says that you're 16. but it's never too early to start on a portfolio. start on some of your own ideas/stories. TMNT is awesome but you can't put that in your portfolio.

now to the good stuff...

- the graphics were awesome. the TMNT look like who they're supposed to be. shredder looked cool. i'm looking forward to the slash sequence.

- the voice acting was great. good job.

- the animation for the most part was pretty smooth. the rafael fight sequence was well done.

all in all, this movie is pretty good. just work on making it more dynamic. it feels like you're right on the edge of the diving board. take some risks in your next episode.

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Mario World: Overrun Mario World: Overrun

Rated 5 / 5 stars

my goodness the gameplay is smooth!!!

the smoothness of the gameplay is absolutely beautiful. many a times, the game may look amazing but all of that is thrown out the window because it lags. that is definitely not that case here. i haven't tried out the insane mode yet, but the gameplay even in the final level is so smooth! other elements that i liked were the music, the weapon shop system, the turrets idea (i loved them), etc. i can't stress how smooth the gameplay was. the bullets leaving the left mouse click felt very natural. really great job man.

Vex Arena: 02 Vex Arena: 02

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

smooth gameplay

- time: i loved the time limit. reminded me of time crisis except that time isn't added on. but, i loved that u added time as a factor into this game. gives the player a sense of urgency.

- enemies: it was very cool how shooting different parts of the body would trigger different animations. very creative. i also liked how you gave each enemy that little time meter so that the player can know how much time he/she has until he gets shot. again, sense of urgency. there were about two or three times when i had to shoot the enemy while the environment was moving. i loved those. i think if there was more movement on the enemies' part, it would've raised the level of difficulty a little bit more. sometimes, the enemies looked too static. and also, i think it's better if you sped up their death time. they felt like they were disappearing too slowly. and at first, when i shot them and they wouldn't disappear, i thought they were still alive so i was confused about that for the first few seconds.

- environments: great job with the movement from place to place. did you use a 3d program? it looked awesome.

- levels: it didn't really feel like the levels were getting harder as i progressed. however, i LOVED the car level. that was so creative. and it's always fun to run over terrorists. i loved the sniper level too.

- guns: my only problem was the m4. it felt a little weird when i clicked my mouse once, and like 3-7 rounds would come out. but other than that, the reloading was smooth.

- overall: it grabbed my attention the whole time i was playing it. it definitely is a successful game. after each level, it left me curious for the next level. there were a few bugs here and there but i'll let other reviewers get into that. all in all, one of the best games to reach newgrounds. excellent job.

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PeteCook responds:

Thanks very much for taking the time to say all that about my game.

Just to answer your question: I used Swift 3D V2.0 to animate the levels.

The M4 idea was a spur of the moment thing. The way I did it was the easiest and laziest way. Sorry about that. But I'm glad you liked it.

Snake'it Snake'it

Rated 4 / 5 stars

znake to flash! whooooooooo!

i used to play znake all the time. it was the most addictive game. and i've been waiting for someone, some company, to make a znake that's not java-based, like miniclip or or someone else. but my wait is over! thanks, iceflass.

a couple of suggestions. first, maybe add an option for (walls/no walls). second, the donut is cute but i think a differen object would work better, something that can fit into one unit. maybe an apple? lastly, on the slower speeds, when i pressed two arrow buttons quickly, it only executed the first one i pressed. however, this isn't a problem on like speed 9.

other than that, great job! nice programming. i'm really glad you made a znake for flash. rock on.

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Iceflass responds:

I am workin on an update on the game. It will be ready very soon! Thanks